I was a data scientist, project manager, and content creator, all within my year as a Carbon Neutrality Intern at UCSD.


Waitz is an iOS startup from UCSD that records how many people are in an area of a building at a given time.

The app displays this information for users to decide where to study.

After meeting the founders of Waitz, I worked to use the data from Waitz to help the HVAC systems in buildings at UCSD run more efficiently.

I analyzed UCSD's daily campus energy usage, correlated it with various factors, then made a regression model to predict energy consumption based on environmental factors.

I then presented my findings daily to facilities management, and they made decisions accordingly.


Infinite R is a product that can save up to 30% of HVAC costs when installed in the walls of a buildings.

I worked with Keith Hsiueh at UCSD facilities management on a project to implement this material in a building on campus.

I was then hired by the local distributor of Infinite R for a summer position to create website content and email campaigns. From this experience, I learned about branding and the importance of defining a product's target audience based on quantitative data.


Laboratory chemical fume hoods are the largest user of energy in many labs on campus at UCSD. If the hood is closed when not in use, it uses much less energy.

I worked on a media campaign with GreenLabs where I recorded data and made content to educate the members of the labs and change their habits.


Not many people know that UCSD's energy infrastructure is a self-sufficient microgrid that produces electricity with its on-campus power plant.

I was tasked with understanding its thermodynamic processes, then designing a tour and presentation that a wide range of audiences would understand and appreciate.


After working on several sustainability related projects, I have realized the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the environmental crisis. Technological solutions are not the full answer.


Tofight the environmental crisis on an environmental level, I have worked with The Sunrise Movement and The UCSD Green New Deal. Through the UCSD Green New Deal group, I am helping to make the UCSD Board of Regents divest from from fossil fuels. Over the summer, I protested with Sunrise to pressure the DNC to hold a climate debate. I am also helping introduce members of UCSD to Sunrise.

I recently began work on Micah Perlin's campaign for State Assembly.

With him, I conducted informal interviews and reflected on why young people don't vote or donate to state and local campaigns. We realized that young people often don't have the time to learn about state and local candidates, so we are making graphics that easily convey important information about his campaign, and an innovative system of campaign fundraising through Venmo.